Meet our Team

David J. Earp, J.D., Ph.D.
President & CEO

Rajinder Singh, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

Jim Aggen, Ph.D.
VP, Medicinal Chemistry

David C. Spellmeyer, Ph.D.
Advisor, Informatics and Computational Chemistry

Pablo D. Garcia, Ph.D.
Sr. Director, Biology Research

Amy Cowgill
Director, Business Operations and Administration

Siegfried S.F. Leung, Ph.D.
Sr. Scientist, Computational Chemistry

Andrew T. Bockus, Ph.D.
Sr. Scientist, Chemistry

Catherine Gleason, Ph.D.
Sr. Scientist, Biology Research

Luis Hernandez
Manager, Chemistry

Breena Fraga
Scientist, Chemistry

Meisam Nosrati, Ph.D.
Scientist, Biochemistry

Miles W. Membreno
Research Associate, Biology

Miguel P. Baldomero
Sr. Research Associate, Chemistry

Bryan M. Lent
Research Associate, Chemistry

Frances Hamkins-Indik
Research Associate, Biology

Alex Aronson
Research Associate, Chemistry

Yuliana Gritsenko
Research Associate, Chemistry

Manesh Chand
Research Associate, Chemistry

Nick Vaquera
Laboratory Technician

Eleonor Lim
Executive Assistant

Board of Directors

Matthew P. Jacobson, Ph.D.

John Josey, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board

Peter Svennilson, Ph.D.
The Column Group

Thilo Schroeder, Ph.D.
Nextech Invest

Walter H. Moos, Ph.D.
ShangPharma Innovation / Pandect Bioventures


R. Scott Lokey, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

William G. Kaelin Jr., M.D.
Chair, Scientific Advisory Board

Bruce Stillman, Ph.D., FRS
Scientific Advisory Board member

Alan Ashworth, Ph.D., FRS
Scientific Advisory Board member


Dineli Wickramsinghe, Ph.D.

Steven Olson, Ph.D.

Zaneta Nikolovska–Coleska, Ph.D.