Beyond cyclosporine A: conformation-dependent passive membrane permeabilities of cyclic peptide natural products

by Christopher L Ahlbach, Katrina W Lexa, Andrew T Bockus, Valerie Chen, Phillip Crews, Matthew P Jacobson & R Scott Lokey

Many cyclic peptide natural products are larger and structurally more complex than conventional small molecule drugs. Although some molecules in this class are known to possess favorable pharmacokinetic properties, there have been few reports on the membrane permeabilities of cyclic peptide natural products. Here, we present the passive membrane permeabilities of 39 cyclic peptide natural products, and interpret the results using a computational permeability prediction algorithm based on their known or calculated 3D conformations. We found that the permeabilities of these compounds, measured in a parallel artificial membrane permeability assay, spanned a wide range and demonstrated the important influence of conformation on membrane permeability. These results will aid in the development of these compounds as a viable drug paradigm…

June 12, 2015
Future Science
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